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Subject: Agenda for tomorrow's meeting

+1 408 536 9900
+1 877 220 5439

MPID 7263329

8:00 AM PDT

Announcements are turned off and we have up to 35 slots.  If these get 
filled up, please send me an email during the course of the meeting and 
I will make sure the minute taker notes it and we can increase the 
number of lines.

If you are late, please announce yourself at an appropriate juncture 
between topics.

Draft Agenda:

1. Welcome, Roll call & determination of quorum
2. Note taker appointed
3. Approval of agenda/agenda bashing
4. Approval of minutes from last meeting (or suggested changes if any).
5. Action items from last meeting:
    - Peter Brown Proposal?
    (TBA - pending review of last minutes)
6. Editing Team report (Matt/Don)
7. Continue with Comments disposition
 - start with issues list #16 (courtesy of Don), items with PD's.
 - if time, other items for revision.
8. Other business

Please email any revisions today if you have other suggestions or if I 
have neglected something.


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