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Subject: RA discussion and OASIS TC process

The TC process states that for a Committee spec to be considered for approval as an "OASIS standard", the TC shall provide, inter alia,
"Certification by at least three OASIS member organizations that they are successfully using the specification"

Two questions therefore:

- do we want our spec to become an "OASIS Standard", or would we be satisfied with just "Committee Specification" status?
- if we go for a standard, what would constitute successful use of the specification?

Without prejudicing appropriately timed discussion on the first question, I think we need to be clear of our answer as a TC to the second before we venture into the area of RA.

I raise this question now, as I feel it has a bearing regarding any work we start on RA in the near future and raises again the issue of conformance/compatibility that we touched upon already in Vancouver: for example, would the production of three RAs (and/or SOA Blueprints) constitute proof of successful implementation? If not, what does?

I think we need to have a steer on this question when we discuss RA at today's and subsequent meetings

Regards from sunny Vienna,


Peter F Brown
Chair, CEN eGovernment Focus Group
Senior Expert
eGovernment - Legal, Organisational and International Issues
Austrian Federal Chancellery
Co-Editor, OASIS SOA Reference Model

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