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soa-rm message

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Subject: revised agenda

A: Administrivitis
1. Roll call
2. Determination of Quorum
3. Note taker appointed (someone please volunteer before the call) 
4. Agenda Bashing / approval of agenda 
5. Approval of minutes from last meeting
    5b Vienna 

B: Taskus Genuineus
6. Liaison Reports:
   i: SOA Blueprints report (5 minutes max.) Oleg
   ii: OASIS SOA activity at higher level (Jamie Clarke if attending,
otherwise chair)

7. Specification Issues: (Frank, Peter, Don, Matt, Rebecca or Ken)
   i: Editing team report on progress.
   ii: Identification of any issues?
   iii: responsibilities and work items
       1. ACTION ITEM: Duane - send base graphic submission by end of
       2. ACTION ITEM: Duane or Matt - Add event to calendar
       3. ACTION ITEM: Joe - flag terms that could use an example
       4. ACTION ITEM: Editors, please let TC members know how to reach
you during 
           your face-to-face meeting October 17th.
       5. ACTION ITEM: All - review document and post comments in

8. Reference Architecture discussion 
9. Other business.

Adobe Systems, Inc. - http://www.adobe.com
Vice Chair - UN/CEFACT
Chair - OASIS SOA Reference Model Technical Committee

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