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Subject: FEA Data Reference Model (DRM) Specification, Version 2.0 (Draft) - Comments Welcome

I just found out that the latest FEA DRM spec has been made public, so if anyone would like to view and comment on it it you can find it at:
Please note that only a limited amount of formatting/publication/figure touchup has been done to date; we will be putting it through professional publication at some point in the next few weeks. So this is still a work in progress (including the content).
Regarding comments: If anyone has any comments on the spec, please feel free to e-mail me directly (I was one of the primary contributors, so your comments to me will go directly into the process). We have been asking for comments by COB this Friday, but if anyone would like to slip comments to me after that time, that is fine (shhh!!! Don't tell anyone I said that!;) We have a November 17th deadline to US Office of Management and Budget (OMB), then it goes to Congress on December 17th as support for a mandate from the E-Gov Act of 2002, Section 207(d) on the categorization and search of information on agency public Web sites.
Registry TC folks: I would especially appreciate feedbakc on Appendix D, "Registries and Repositories". I originally wrote this as a "Data Registry" appendix, then we decided very close to our last deadline to include metadata registries - so the mix of the 2 (data and metadata registries) may not be ideal given that it was done very quickly. I am going to take another look at that section myself. I would also appreciate comments on how we can best mention ebXML Registry; I left it out of the current version as I was not confident that our description of data registries was consistent enough with how we portray ebXML Registry, and didn't want to have inconsistency.
Kind Regards,
Joseph Chiusano
Booz Allen Hamilton
700 13th St. NW
Washington, DC 20005
O: 202-508-6514 
C: 202-251-0731
Visit us online@ http://www.boozallen.com

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