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Subject: RE: [soa-rm] Groups - Meeting Minutes - Nov 16, 2005 (SOA-RM minutes-Nov-16-2005.doc) uploaded


Just a few minor comments/corrections to minutes:

- "Administrivitis" is the disease - suffering from administrivia overload - the agendum should be "Administrivia";
- Duane Nickull, not Nickell;
- Editing team report, point b) v: should read something like: '1. Recast semantics of a "real world effect" as being the "public action" of a service - characterised by a change in the state shared between the service consumer and the service provider' - Frank could probably cast this wording more elegantly;
- under "previous recorded actions, outstanding": there is an error carried over from an earlier meeting: this should read something like: "5. Duane to follow up with Jamie Clark on strategy and process regarding a common message/view from OASIS regarding SOA and what it means." The issue is about promotion and collaboration with other TCs to establish a clear and common 'line' about what SOA should be, and what OASIS should be saying, rather than a point about "messaging" which could be construed as an issue rightly related to specific RAs and implementation and not an RM. My mistake - I had flagged this earlier but forgot when we approved the minutes of previous meeting;

All the best,

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Subject: [soa-rm] Groups - Meeting Minutes - Nov 16, 2005 (SOA-RM minutes-Nov-16-2005.doc) uploaded

The document named Meeting Minutes - Nov 16, 2005 (SOA-RM
minutes-Nov-16-2005.doc) has been submitted by Mr. Danny Thornton* to the OASIS SOA Reference Model TC document repository.

Document Description:
This document contains the minutes of the regular bi-weekly conference call held at 11:00am EST on Nov 16, 2005

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