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Subject: [soa-rm] Errata Input on Working Draft 10

Working Draft Editors,
Provided below are some recommended grammatical/typographical corrections to the latest working draft (SOA-RM Working Draft 10, dated 15 November 2005).  Let me just comment that I think this is shaping up to be an excellent body of work.  Kudos to the editing team for a fine job!
 - Jeff Estefan, JPL
Line 102: Figure update needed (already acknowledged during last telecon).  Recommend a UML 2 version of this diagram.  Please see attached as an example.  I will update as needed based on your comments.
Line 158: For consistency with other "puzzle" pieces, context in "Execution context" should be capitalized.  Result would be "Execution Context".
Line 195: Grammatical problem with the sentence beginning: "Visibility is promoted the service".  Looks like a modifier is missing (e.g., "using").
Line 376: Cross reference needs update.  Probably a broken hyperlink.
Line 389-390: Same as Line 376.
Line 396: Correction.  Section "2.2.2" should be Section "3.2.2"
Line 414: Use of the word "reference-able" should be "referenceable" consistent with Line 409. (Unless this was the intent of the editors.)
Line 423: Need space between "load" and "(service description)".
Line 567: Change "model" in "action model" to bold face type, consistent with "process model" on Line 578.
Line 595: Grammar.  Need to insert "is" between "it" and "often important".
Line 651: Grammar.  Need to drop "a" from "a service providers and consumers".
Footnote at bottom of Page 17: Font.  Should use Arial font consistent with rest of document format.
Line 735: Punctuation.  Need a comma following "SOA" (in between "SOA" and "visibility").
Line 761. Spelling.  Need to change "then" to "than" in fragment "more effective then service providers".
Line 782: Grammar.  Need to insert "a" in between "not" and "communication path".


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