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Subject: RE: [soa-rm] Diagram

Actually, I think that an error/fault report is a legitimate RWE!  
Perhaps it is not the desired effect... Otherwise if you try to  
distinguish successful interactions from unsuccessful ones you are  
going to get into an awful tangle.

DN: This may slightly clash with your earlier thoughts on this thread
WRT "It is not the interaction that results in a real world effect. It
is the use of the capability that does."  I am not weighed either way
since it requires more thought than my mind is currently capable of ;-)

Again, it is not a question of what needs to be visible. But rather  
that visibility is an inherent aspect of SOA.
Visibility may be enhanced by discovery/descriptions etc. but is a  
separate concept. For one thing, it is inherently consumer/provider  

DN: yeah - that is the one concept I had the most trouble with and am
stil not happy.  It is kind of like "semantics" - irgundwo and nirgundwo
(everywhere and nowhere in German).


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