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Subject: Proposed Response for #1

omment from: Sean.barker@baesystems.com

Name:Sean Barker


Organization:BAE SYSTEMS

Regarding Specification:Reference Model for Service Oriented Architecture 1.0

Re Section Semantics, line 457, 458. The claim that "The formal descriptions of terms and the relationships between them (e.g., an ontology) provides a firm basis for selecting correct interpretations for elements of information exchanged" is incomplete, in that for applications that have an effect on the real world, the formal description must be based on the behaviour of the organizations - that is, at least some form of process model - and not simply on the descriptions of the terms themselves. A clarification of what constitutes a formal description in this context would be helpful.



The next section of the RM discusses behavior models and the roles these play.  It is beyond the scope of the RM to expand on the specifics of “formal description”.

Also please note the section on Service Description (section 3.3.1) goes into further detail to provide clarification.




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