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Subject: FW: [ws-sx] FW: Request for help/information: Comment on Model for Policy (link to WS-Policy)

This action item from today’s meeting is now done.




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From: Duane Nickull [mailto:dnickull@adobe.com]
Sent: Wednesday, June 28, 2006 10:48 AM
To: ws-sx@lists.oasis-open.org; wsrx
Subject: [ws-sx] FW: Request for help/information: Comment on Model for Policy (link to WS-Policy)


Apologies for cross posting in advance:


During the last and final public review of the OASIS Reference Model for SOA, we encountered a comment that we feel is best addressed elsewhere, possibly via one of the WS-* specifications.  The RM for SOA is a high level abstract model for Service Oriented Architecture aligned with WS-* and meant to guide architects creating various service oriented architectures including those for the WS family of technologies.  Accordingly, it discusses the concepts of policy which would guide architects in terms of thinking about architecture and the inclusion of WS-PolicyAttachment and WS-Policy.


We have an open request for developing an abstract model for policy.  Although such is beyond the scope of the SOA RM TC, we wanted to informally request help on this item from the WS groups.


First – are any of you aware of a high level model, not tied to any specific technologies,that would be suitable for the commenter to use?  If you do, can you please respond back with the URL.


Second – if none exists, you may wish to contact the commenter to discuss this. 


Thank you in advance.


Original Comment:


Regarding Specification: SOA-RM (policy and contracts) --- policy is going to play very important role in SOA. SOA service first has to be policy oriented, which means that policy has to be involved from the full life cycle of SOA service development from development to runtime. Therefore it should be beneficial to develop SOA policy reference model in which it could define capabilities, policy information model, policy language/computing, etc. The current version of SOA rm on policy is little vague. If Users can  derive concerete product from SOA policy refence model, it would be great.


<response who=”OASIS SOA RM TC”>

1. The TC agrees regarding the importance of policy and the RM includes numerous mentions of policy and an in depth discussion in section 3.3.2.  While an SOA policy reference model may be of value, it is beyond the scope of the current effort.


2. This TC recognizes that there are several other organizations that are developing standards, specifications around the concept of policy.  We would like to forward this comment to them for their consideration to include some form of reference model in their work.  We will forward this comment to various WS groups and the W3C who are working on the issue.


3. The subcommittee working on our Reference Architecture for SOA will also likely provide further clarification on the concept of policy with respect to SOA in their work.







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