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Subject: OASIS Standard Review

Hello all:

As we are at the eve of our specification going forward as a candidate to
become a full OASIS Standard, I wanted to check in with all of you to
prepare some activities.

First - Ram, Jamie:  I assume that there is a mechanism to reach out to the
primary voting representatives from each member company?  If so, can you
please document that process for us in order for us to tactically approach

Second: The TC also will be reaching out to its' members and observers to
ask for help with this historic milestone vote.  Some of us have prepared
lists of companies whose primary reps are know to us.

Can we also have an actual number confirmation of exactly how many votes we
need to pass?  Such would help us with our planning.

Last but not least, thank you for all the administrative help over the last
15 months.  We could not have developed this specification without the
quality of service provided by OASIS and want to pass on appreciation to all
the OASIS staff for the perseverance.

Thank you 

TC Chair

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