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Subject: FW: SOA RM TC IPR Transition - What is happening?


Thoughts?  It appears that the SOA RM work is not going to evolve but the
current SOA RA work will not be done by the timeframe.  I would like to
discuss this on our call later this month.

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Date: Tue, 16 Jan 2007 06:40:34 +1100
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Subject: SOA RM TC IPR Transition - What is happening?

Hi Duane,

All OASIS TCs must have transitioned to the new IPR by March 31, 2007.
For this to happen, a TC should have requested OASIS administration for
ballot by end of January 2007. Else, the TC will automatically shutdown
by end of March 2007.

Please let me know where your TC is with the new IPR Transition?

Thank you



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