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Subject: RE: [soa-rm] "Industry Analysis Report" from Everware-CBDi on "In Search of a Common SOA Language"

Title: RE: [soa-rm] "Industry Analysis Report" from Everware-CBDi on "In Search of a Common SOA Language"

The report is available after registration at the CBDi site.  As registration at the CBDi site is required to access the material - I hesitate to post the content to kavi.  Perhaps we could get someone from CBDi to post the report?

-----Original Message-----
From: Danny Thornton [mailto:danny_thornton2@yahoo.com]
Sent: Mon 1/29/2007 9:58 PM
To: Metz, Rebekah; soa-rm@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: RE: [soa-rm] "Industry Analysis Report" from Everware-CBDi on "In Search of a Common SOA Language"

Is sometone going to post the report to KAVI?


--- "Metz, Rebekah" <metz_rebekah@bah.com> wrote:

> In re-reading my last email, I may have
> unintentionally focused on the
> existence of multiple players in the Reference Model
> Landscape.  I agree
> that the RM, or any model, provides a point of
> reference for discussion.
> In fact, I think that the CBDI analysis is valuable
> so that we, as a
> community, can understand where/how different
> efforts relate to one
> another.  I've read the report several times over
> the weekend and found
> the summary of key definitions from in each model
> quite useful.  

> However, in reading through the section entitled
> 'Differences among the
> Reference Models,' the 'verdict' for each
> fundamental concept seems to
> waiver between Reference Architecture and Reference
> Model as a point of
> comparison.  I wonder if it might not be beneficial
> to others who are
> trying to understand the essence of Service Oriented
> Architecture to see
> how the the relative strengths and weaknesses of a
> Reference Model vs..
> a Reference Architecture differ? 

> From this perspective, a key strength of the SOA-RM
> is how it encourage
> both the business and technology side to move toward
> a common basis of
> understanding - independently of the mechanisms used
> to implement. 
> ________________________________
> From: Duane Nickull [mailto:dnickull@adobe.com]
> Sent: Friday, January 26, 2007 2:39 PM
> To: Metz, Rebekah; soa-rm@lists.oasis-open.org; Dave
> Mayo
> Subject: Re: [soa-rm] "Industry Analysis Report"
> from Everware-CBDi on
> "n Search of a Common SOA Language"
>       Rebekah et al:
>       I think if anything, the CBDI article may have
> misstated the
> intent.  David Mayo was at the event in VA earlier
> this week and is
> aware of the Reference model.  Lawrence Wilkes is of
> course a member of
> the TC too and has said kind things about the RM.
>       The Reference Model was never intended to the the
> singular point
> of reference that the entire industry had to agree
> with, but it does
> give them a point of reference.  As such, I think
> the article tries to
> balance the model with other work to see where
> alignment is (although I
> have to state I have not read it).
>       Dave - anything to add?
>       Duane
>       On 1/26/07 6:21 AM, "Metz, Rebekah"
> <metz_rebekah@bah.com>
> wrote:
>               SOA-RM'ers:
>               I receive the monthly newsletter from CBDi and
> usually
> find much useful and insightful information.  I was
> disappointed to
> receive this month's newsletter with the following
> headline "in Search
> of a Common SOA Language."  The article starts out
> with "we believe that
> a widely accepted reference model for SOA will
> accelerate the take up of
> SOA, since tool vendors and practitioners will have
> a more solid and
> common base to work from."
>               As part of the reference model landscape, the
> following
> sources were analyzed:
>               W3C Web Services Architecture
>               OASIS SOA-Reference Model
>               IBM UML 2.0 Profile for Software Services
>               OpenGroup Open SOA Ontology
>               UK Ministry of Defence Ministry of Defence
> Architectural
> Framework Metamodel
>               Everware-CBDi "A Meta Model for Service
> Architecture and
> Engineering"
>               I'm working through the article in a bit more
> depth
> today....but would welcome a discussion on this list
> on the validity of
> the strengths and weaknesses that were identified.
>               The full article can be found at:
> guage.php
>               Rebekah
>       --
>       Sr. Technical Evangelist - Adobe Systems, Inc.    
>      *
>       Chair - OASIS SOA Reference Model Technical
> Committee    *
>       Blog: http://technoracle.blogspot.com             
>      *
>       Music:
> http://www.mix2r.com/audio/by/artist/duane_nickull*

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