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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] OASIS SOA RM Liaison Request

   Hello Duane, glad to hear it.  Liaisons between OASIS TCs are 
encouraged & supported by our Liaison Policy [1].  If specific 
persons were identified, can we get their names?  Typically, as the 
Liaison Policy suggests, liaison positions should be populated by 
persons who hold the requisite memberships & rights (whatever they 
might be) in both organizations.  In that way, the person serving as 
liaison is in a position to comply with any applicable rules or 
filters, when cross-posting whatever matters ought to be shared 
between the two groups.
   Kind regards  Jamie

~ James Bryce Clark
~ Director of Standards Development, OASIS
~ jamie.clark@oasis-open.org


Duane Nickull wrote:
> Jamie, Ram:
> We voted during our last meeting Jan 24, 2007 to establish an
> official liaison with the Open Group to work together for their
> work on SOA ontology. The scope of the liaison activity will
> largely involve collaboration and harmonization of SOA terms.  We
> do not anticipate that this should be an issue as we are not
> contributing anything from OASIS to the Open Group and currently
> they are relatively harmonized on the Reference Model itself.  We
> have not yet communicated this to the Open Group formally.  We
> have two co-liaisons appointed.
> Please advise us if this raises any issue.  If we do not hear back from
> OASIS staff within 7 days, we will regard this as a non issue.
> Thank you
> Duane Nickull

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