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Subject: Disappointing podcast on SOA RMs

SOA-RM TC Colleagues,

I have to say, this was a disappointing podcast from David Linthicum:

There was absolutely no mention of our work and the OASIS SOA-RM formal 
standard.  He did mention the debate that centered around The Open Group's 
effort to define a SOA reference architecture and referenced the following 

One troublesome item of note is that David blended the notions of "reference 
model" with "reference architecture," which we all know are not synonymous. 
And the podcast diverged into a discussion comparing and contrasting SOA 
with EA (Enterprise Architecture), probably based on the fact that debate on 
The Open Group SOA RA work was taken in the context of EA.   Unfortunately, 
too many people don't know that EA really is and that fact that EA is not an 
architectural style or architectural paradigm like SOA is but rather that EA 
is an essential element of IT governance and is used as an strategic 
planning tool used to help make IT investment decisions.  And that it is 
comprised of a current ("as-is") state, a desired target state ("to-be"), 
together with a transition plan to help define how to migrate from the 
current state to the target state.  And that it should be updated on 

Anyway, I responded to David's podcast but don't know if it was lost in 
cyber-ether.  Perhaps I'll try a direct e-mail.  You can find out more on 
David's website at:

And if any of you know David personally, I'd encourage you to contact him 
and help build some advocacy around open, industry-standard SOA RMs and to 
help distinguish between RMs and RAs.


 - Jeff E. 

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