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Subject: CALL FOR COMMENTS First draft of Reference Architecture Available

Dear colleague
  After some considerable time, the Reference Architecture SC would  
like to solicit comments and feedback on the first draft of the  
Reference Architecture.

  It is available for download at http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/ 

  The RA is still in an early stage of development. However, the SC  
feels that the overall structure of the architecture is well  
developed and that many of the sections have fairly complete text.

  We are initiating a formal process for raising comments and issues  
against this draft. Please follow the guidelines outlined below for  
submitting comments as the RA SC would like to process comments in a  
fair and equitable manner.

  We are requesting that comments and issues be as specific as  
possible: where at all possible a comment to be tied to specific line  
numbers in the draft. Furthermore, it would be very helpful to the  
work of the committee if any issues are accompanied by specific  
wording where appropriate.

  At this stage, we are requesting only that members of the RM  
committee respond to this call for comments. If you wish to share the  
document with others outside the committee, please be aware that this  
document represents an early draft that has not had the RM committees  
-- your -- approval.

  The process for submitting comments and issues is very similar to  
the process used during the development of the RM itself: we request  
that you complete a small spreadsheet and email the result to the RM  

0. Any issues should be sent to soa-rm@lists.oasis-open.org and CCed  
to Don Flinn (flinn@alum.mit.edu).

1. The email header SHALL include the phrase - Issue.  Please do not  
send an issue as a reply to another email as I will sort on [soa-rm  
AND issue AND NOT re.  This will allow Don to capture the issues and  
not replies the issues, of which there may be many.  Conversely, if  
you are discussing an issue, please do not put the the word issue in  
the email header.  For discussion of an issue, use something like  
I#xx in the header, where xx is the issue number.

2. Please use the attached Excel template. If you don't have Excel,  
please put the pertinent information in the body of your email as  
Short Description:
Editor: (If known)


Thank you for your attention and cooperation

Frank McCabe
RA SC Chair

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