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Subject: Re: [soa-rm] Format for Issue submissions

Don et al:

I have comments for the first 25% of the document.  I will be continuing to
read and comment on the rest.

First - well done everyone!  This document has a lot of good thinking
encapsulated in it.  It will just get better and better as we get more
critical audiences to review.

Question:  would you like what I have to date send to the email as per
Frank's direction or to wait until I have the full set done.  I thought it
might help other reviewers if they had a first set of comments.


On 5/28/07 6:31 AM, "Don Flinn" <flinn@alum.mit.edu> wrote:

> Please follow Frank's instructions in his e-mail of 5/24/07.  I've set
> up a filter on the e-mail headers.  Therefore, please pay particular
> attention to the header format information in Frank's email, so that I
> will not miss any of your issues in my quite crowded  in-box.
> Note, my filter will capture this e-mail.
> Thanks for your help
> Don

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