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Subject: Working Draft 0.3 of the Reference Architecture

Dear Member,
  You may have noticed recently that the RA sub-committee published  
version 0.3 of the Reference Architecture:


  Currently, the RA sub-committee is seeking to publish a version of  
the specification based on this draft as a Committee Draft  
Specification, as per the OASIS process detailed in http://www.oasis-open.org/apps/org/workgroup/members-only/download.php/9623/TC%20Process%2020041007.pdf 

  We will be seeking a vote to this effect at the upcoming meeting of  
the SOA-RM committee on April 23rd.
  The RA sub-committee actively seeks comments on the above draft;  
with a particular view as to its suitability for publishing as a  
Committee Draft. We request that, unless they materially affect the  
proposal to publish a Committee Draft, members reserve detailed  
comments to a later date as part of the public review process.

  Thank you for your understanding,

Frank McCabe

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