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Subject: Fw: The Open Group SOA Ontology

 - J.A.E.
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Tuesday, July 15, 2008 6:09 AM
Subject: The Open Group SOA Ontology

Hi, Duane -

For some time now, The Open Group has been developing a formal
ontology for SOA. We made an early version available for comment by
OASIS members over a year ago. We have now reached the stage where we
believe that it is almost complete, and are exposing it to outside
bodies for review and comment prior to its final review within The Open Group.

The ontology is in part based on the OASIS SOA Reference Model, which
was a significant inspiration for much of our initial work. It
differs from the Reference Model, and the subsequent draft OASIS SOA
Reference Architecture, in that the concepts are not only explained
heuristically, but are also captured in a formal language - OWL.

The draft is publicly available at
http://www.opengroup.org/projects/soa-ontology/doc.tpl?gdid=16940  We
would very much appreciate input from OASIS members, and will address
comments received at this stage before creating the draft for final
Open Group review. I would be grateful if you could please advise
your Reference Model TC members of this URL, and invite them to
review the draft and send comments to me.



Dr. Christopher J. Harding
Forum Director for SOA and Semantic Interoperability
Thames Tower, 37-45 Station Road, Reading RG1 1LX, UK
Mailto:c.harding@opengroup.org Phone (mobile): +44 774 063 1520
The Open Group Conference & Member Meeting
Featuring the 19th Enterprise Architecture Practitioners Conference
InterContinental Hotel, Chicago, USA, July 21-25, 2008
TOGAF is a trademark of The Open Group

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