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Subject: RE: [soa-rm] REMINDER: SOA-RM TC meeting this week



Looks like I’m going to have a conflict on the TC call tomorrow, but will do my best to remotely record the telecon.  In any event, you know I’m up to speed with the status of the RAF.


On the subject of trying to formalize an updated definition of [SOA] service, I think it’s a waste of time since I do not see how a resolution would warrant any near-term update to the RM, which has been finalized for nearly 4 years now.  Here, the 80/20 rule seems to make perfect sense.  The current definition as articulated in the RM is in the 80+ ballpark of some ‘optimal’ definition that I do not believe we will ever get full agreement nor should we.  The ‘spirit’ is there and it is sufficient.  Besides, even a small change to the current definition would not warrant initiating an entire review process to update the existing standard - IMHO.




 - Jeff E.

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