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Subject: Microservices re-use?

This is a request for input on how re-use is accomplished in the microservices world.  Please provide info or comment via this list or via the public comment list for this TC:  soa-rm-comment@lists.oasis-open.org 

Please also pass this request to others in your network who may have microservices implementation experience.

In the April 13, 2016, meeting of the TC there was a discussion of comparison of characteristics of SOA architecture/design principles vs. "microservices" architecture (with specific reference to NIST Special Publication 800-180 (DRAFT) NIST Definition of Microservices, Application Containers and System Virtual Machines  of Feb 2016.) 

One issue discussed was how re-use is accomplished in a microservices-style implementation.  

It was suggested that the NIST SP seemed to imply that a microservice instance is confined inside a single container. If so, this would be a significant distinction from an “SOA-style” service, in that it would mean that the only way a microservice could be re-used outside the container would be to copy the code and run an entirely separate instance in another container or elsewhere. This “confinement” also implies that microservces are not “multi-user” (or “multi-tennant”) whereas multi-tenant capability might be considered an intrinsic characteristic of SOA-style services. These apparent characteristics of microservices would seem to give away most of the potential efficiencies of a scaleable, easily maintainable shared service.

Can anyone with microservices implementation experience explain how re-use is accomplished in this architectural style?  


Martin F Smith, Principal
BFC Consulting, LLC
McLean, Va 22102
703 506-0159
703 389-3224 mobile

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