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Subject: Action item 1 - Generalized WS-Address using Intermediaries

Title: Action item 1 - Generalized WS-Address using Intermediaries


        to complete my action item about generalised message handling using WS-Address and intermediaries, I spoke with the ebXML Messaging Services TC yesterday (Jan 14) and was supported in sharing 2 documents we are working on that extend the current point to point ebXML messaging specification to allow for N-intermediaries or hops with this TC.   This is still work in progress but is getting near to completion, however, the big lesson for us is that this is a difficult problem that WS-Address avoided and we could not find anyone else that had solved it.


        The first document is the most mature and describes the proposal in detail including the scope and terms defined to describe the solution, it does include specific information of how the existing ebXML messaging can be extended and the extra configuration parameters required that are out of scope for this work.  However, it may be useful to help define the problem and define what needs to be defined as the messaging TC needed to almost work from 1st principles to describe the terms and scope to be able to accurately define a solution.  The second contains some worked examples to try and validate the solution which has discovered some issues that are being worked through to complete the specification and will eventually be the basis of examples included in the first document as a guide for implementers.

NOTE of caution:  this proposal has not been implemented or tested but has received input from real product developers and users.

Ian Jones
Web Services, B2B & SOA International Standards Manager
BT Design

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