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Subject: [stdsreg] stdsreg introduction

Committee introduction for Robin Cover:

I maintain the 'XML Cover Pages' website (hosted by OASIS):


I attempt to track (meta) markup language standards, of
which there are now hundreds.  You can see a partial listing


A significant failing of my work is that I have no grand
organizational scheme other than characterizing some of the
applications as belonging principally to "general, industry,
government, or academia."  Even this tripartite scheme is of
very limited value.

I am hopeful that some of the deliverables from this
committee will help me in the process of selecting or
constructing a taxonomy (or classification scheme) that
can be used to create a useful subject-oriented
navigation tool for the XML Cover Pages website.

In the interim, I welcome hints and thinking points from
any on this list who can offer suggestions toward an
appropriate (set of) solution(s).

- Robin Cover
  Bibliographer at large for markup language technologies

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