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Subject: Re: [stdsreg] committee introductions

Hi, Everyone,

I am a list subscriber with a mandate from an SDO to monitor this activity.

The SDO is Health Level Seven, a 15 year old ANSI-certified standards body. We are responsible for a wide range of specifications promoting interoperabilty and exchange of information in healthcare. The parent organization is US-based and we have affiliates in, I believe, 15-17 countries (the number is growing rapidly) around the world.

Historically, our primary specifications have addressed application messaging in the domain of clinical and administrative information. Our core set of standards in this area, known as the HL7 Version 2.x series, has been recommended as the core of the Patient Medical Record Information (PMRI) to the US Dept of Health & Human Services by the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics as part of the HIPAA process and has legal stature in several countries.

Currently, we are moving this messaging specification set, which contains hundreds of individual messages, to a new level based on a single information model, the HL7 Reference Information Model (RIM) with an XML implementation syntax. The first RIM-based XML specification is actually not a messaging spec, but a new document-based specification for clinical information -- the HL7 Clinical Document Architecture (ANSI/HL7 CDA R1.0-2000).

We also have specifications covering context management (CCOW) and decision support (Arden Syntax).

More information on HL7 can be found at www.HL7.org; my presentation from XML '01 on the first ballot for the model-based specs (Bringing a (Massive) Model-based Specification to Ballot) is available at http://www.hl7.org/Library/Committees/marketing/HL7_XML_01.ppt

In private life, I am a consultant in the application of XML-based technology within healthcare. Within HL7, I co-chair the Structured Documents Technical Committee, responsible for the CDA, and chair the Board-appointed marketing committee. I was a founding member of the original "SGML SIG" which later spawned not only the Structured Documents TC, but also the current HL7 XML SIG.

I am very pleased to see the agenda that Karl and this committee are embarking on and believe that it will be a substantial contribution to the advancement of standards across all industries. It is only a question of personal bandwidth that prevents me from participating activity as a committee member. If I can be helpful in some small way without the time committment required for formal committee membership, I will be happy to do so, and anticipate that HL7 will be an active participant at some point not too far down the road.



------------------- :::::
Liora Alschuler
Co-chair, HL7 Structured Documents TC
Chair, HL7 Marketing Committee

POB 177, 3611 Route 5      
E. Thetford, VT 05043 
::::: -------------------            

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