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Subject: [stdsreg] meeting minutes 5 March 2002

Minutes of the Standards Registry Committee
5 March 2002
conference call

The following persons attended :

Beatrice Gbatte, Bob Hager, Em delaHostria, John Ketchell, Karen Boehme,
Karl Best, Lois Ferson, Martin Bryan, Monica Vago

1 Introduction

Karl carried out a roll call and welcomed the participants to the

2 Result of vote for committee charter

All the votes expressed formally had been in favour of the proposed
charter. The motion to accpt the proposed charter, with changes, passes.

3 Approval of report of first meeting, review of actions

The report of first meeting was unanimously accepted.  The actions had
been carried out.

4 Web page status

It was agreed that interest statements be put on the web to give the
general public a better view of which organizations are taking part in
the Committee.  (Action 1 - Karl and Beatrice to organize this and keep
up-to-date).  The actual mailing list would be kept as an internal
Committee document.

The web presentation was seen as one means of securing better buy-in
from standards consortia, especially the independent ones in the ICT

The meeting noted that additional technical expertise in meta-data would
also be welcome.

Karl reported that he had taken some steps to improve awareness, for
example during a recent US Government Conference.  John would provide
information about the Committee to the following week's ICT Standards
Board in Europe, which comprised formal standards bodies and a number of
major consortia including OMG, W3C etc.

5 Vice Chair?

It was agreed that, rather than the committee electing a vice chair,
Karl would delegate the Chairmanship to a volunteer if he
is not available for the meetings.

6 Strategy for poject completion

There was a discussion about how to get the project started, and in
particular about the technical depth of likely outputs.  Should the
Committee be viewed as a common presentational set of meta-data only, or
should it go further ?

The general feeling of the meeting was that certainly we should rule
nothing out at this stage, but that it was strongly preferable to move a
stage at a time, and start by trying to produce a simple template, and
then develop this further assuming the resource and interest were

7 Review of straw man proposal for metadata

It was agreed that the Committee's main initial objective was to develop
the specification and then to promote its use.

One important aspect to this would be to consider the requirements from
the perspective of the end-user of standards products - ie what
information on standards organizations' activities did they wish to see

Martin felt that the metadata needed to describe what the
standardization activity is  about  ; and that we need some useful
information.  Bob and Martin will provide analysis of NSSN and Diffuse
and other taxonomies (Action 2 - Bob and Martin)

It was agreed that people with experience in the meta-data environment
should provide inputs describing their work  (Action 3 - all)

Karl would contact the ebXML community;  John would contact the CEN/ISSS
Workshop MMI-DC for information on Dublin Core.

8 Any other business, confirmation meeting #3

Next meeting will be held on 19 March at the same time (noon EST, 5pm
GMT). It will be hosted by CEN/ISSS (Action 4 - CEN/ISSS to arrange
meeting and notify participants of the call numbers)

Karl is travelling and will not be able to attend the next meeting. A
volunteer to be announced would be found to Chair.

[minutes taken by Beatrice Gbatte, CEN/ISSS]

Karl F. Best
OASIS - Director, Technical Operations
+1 978.667.5115 x206
karl.best@oasis-open.org  http://www.oasis-open.org

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