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Subject: [stdsreg] StdsReg meeting minutes 3 Sept [N033]

Subject: [stdsreg] StdsReg meeting minutes, 2 September.  Document

Minutes of the Standards Registry Committee conference call #13, 2
September 2002 (submitted by John Ketchell)

Attendance: Karl Best, Karen Boehme, François Coallier, Jim Crandall,
Jim French, Bob Hager, Em delaHostria, John Ketchell

(Call hosted by ANSI)

1. Introduction

Roll call and welcome from Karl Best.

The agenda was approved (N032) with the addition of a scheduling
discussion for the public review under item 5. It was agreed to cover
the outstanding technical issues during the discussion on item 4,
first action.

2. Approval of record 12th meeting (20 August 2002) (N030)

The record was approved.

3. Review of the status of items for public review

3.1 Introductory materials: Karl Best and Bob Hager

Bob had looked at Karl's original draft but had to complete his
examination. In a discussion, it was agreed to provide a short general
sentence on membership and otherwise a link to the web site would be
provided. Bob also needed to provide a short technical introduction to
the specification itself and it was agreed that there should be a
summary of what we are looking for in terms of comments.

The Committee discussed whether it would be helpful to provide a list
of the bullet points relating to the usage issues.  An additional
aspect related to the following steps - how implementation might be
undertaken. Bob hoped to capture the essence of this.

Bob would circulate a complete text (Karl's draft with his additions)
as soon as possible for Committee review (ACTION 13/1).

3.2	List of SDOs and contact information
3.4	Send out the package

Bob and John would agree on the list - John would send them to the
bodies on the CEN/ISSS list, Bob to the US SDOs and informal consortia
on the NIST list.  Appropriate additional cover notes for some
recipient organizations would be added where this was necessary.

The comments would be invited by e-mail, although with a clear steer
as to what we would expect recipients to comment on.  Bob would check
ISO formal comment template documents to see if these contained
additional material that should be mentioned.

It was agreed to try to have the introductory package agreed by 11th
September.  Bob and John would send the review packages out over the
subsequent week or two,

3.3  Prepare final version of the spec.

Version 2.9 had been unanimously approved by those voting.  Bob would
edit this to correct a couple of minor errors;  the result would be
version 3, to be dispatched to the comment process.

3.5	Comment receipt and tracking Comments process

Bob would provide a single ANSI address for the comments to be sent

The Committee would consider the process as the comments came in.  It
would be helpful to have a clear statement of requests of the

3.6	Other aspects

The Committee could not find any.

4 Final technical input


5. Any other business


6.  Next meeting

There would be a short telephone meeting on 11th at the usual time, to
confirm the introductory material.  John would host and provide
calling information.

Best regards
John Ketchell
Director, CEN/ISSS - Information Society Standardization System

URL:http://www.cenorm.be/isss <http://www.cenorm.be/isss>

Rue de Stassart, 36
B-1050 Brussels
email (direct) john.ketchell@cenorm.be
email (secretariat) isss@cenorm.be
Tel (direct) + 32 2 550 08 46
Tel (secretariat) + 32 2 550 08 13
Fax + 32 2 550 09 66
        Tel (GSM) +32 75 594 828

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