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Subject: [stdsreg] Metadata Specification v3.0

Title: Metadata Specification v3.0

Per our recent discussions, I have posted a v3.0 of the metadata specification to be used in the Public Review.  It can be downloaded from the following page:


The following changes were made since version v2.8/v2.9:

- Reference to Diffuse and ICS were removed from Mapping to Dublin Core column for Subject element.  To confirm, we are not even recommending ICS as a scheme, but merely that the user cite the scheme used along with its classification number.

- The element Description maps to Dublin Core Description (unqualified)

- The element Date of Most Recent Action maps to Dublin Core Date (unqualified)

- Update of the Comment attribute of the Language element clarifying the standards referenced and the syntax used when citing language (per a discussion between Makx Dekkers and Ray Gates).  Also added to the Language comment attribute is a suggestion on how to handle multi-lingual standards/titles, a point raised recently by Martin Bryan.

-  A reference was added in the Comment attribute of the Designation element to the on-going discussion about how to handle standards that are the same or nearly equivalent yet use different numbering schemes.  This still needs more discussion, but at least the point is raised to spark other comments.

-  Changed title of spec to "Standards Metadata Element Set, v3.0" to harmonize with Dublin Core v1.1.

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