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Subject: [stdsreg] minutes of StdsReg mtg 25 February

Minutes of the Standards Registry Committee conference call #18, 25 
February 2003 (submitted by John Ketchell)

(Call hosted by OASIS)

1. Introduction

Roll call and welcome.
Attendance: Karl Best (Chair), Karen Boehme, Bob Hager, John Ketchell

The agenda was approved (N043).

2. Approval of record of previous meeting, 4 February (N042)

The record was approved with spelling corrections: Roy Gates" should be 
"Ray Gates" and "Farrance" should be "Farance". Comments by Ray Gates on 
the ISO process were noted.

3. Review of the status of the public review

Bob welcomed the fact that he had additional help with this activity 
from Tracy, a library specialist at ANSI.  He had already submitted the 
raw comments to the Committee, and Tracy had now grouped these by type 
of comment, and was refining their presentation, with a numbering 
system, etc.  This enhanced synthesis would be ready in a day or two.

There was discussion about how to handle the comments, given the lack of 
current participation.  A number of different options seemed possible.

The simplest course might be for us to hand the comments directly to the 
ISO editor rather than to resolve the comments in a new edition of the 
specification.   Bob noted that, since the comments were already being 
intended to be fed into the JTC1 process during the current ballot, it 
would be useful to submit the comment synthesis in any event.

It was agreed that the Committee should examine the enhanced synthesis 
and try to agree whether it was coherent and included all the 
observations made, before it was submitted to ISO. (ACTION 18/1:  Bob to 
despatch enhanced synthesis for review in a few days).

4. Review of submission to ISO/IEC JTC1

There were still a search for a document editor, but Bob had this in 
hand.  Bob would keep a close eye on the ISO process as it progressed 

5.  Discussion:  drop deliverables 2 and 3 from our Charter?

The participants agreed there was probably an insufficient participation 
currently to continue the Committee actively after the above action on 
the comments had been completed.  One additional telephone conference 
was proposed in order to finalise this.  It might be useful to compare 
notes by e-mail after around six months experience of implementation 
amongst those making trials, but otherwise it was suggested the 
Committee be discontinued, and the ongoing process be left with ISO/IEC 

6.  Any other business


7.  Schedule next meeting and solicit host

Bob will send out a synthesis of the comments received in the next few 
days; committee memebrs will have until the next meeting to review the 
comments. At the next meeting the committee will approve (or not) the 
comments to be submitted to ISO, which, together with the already 
submitted specification will complete our handoff of materials. At that 
point the committee's work would be complete, and the committee may vote 
to close.

The next and possibly final conference would be held on 12 March at the 
usual time. ANSI will host the meeting. Karen would send her comments by 
e-mail as she was unable to attend.

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