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Subject: Groups - WhatÂs in a Name? Cultural Observations on Nationally Named Hacking Groups uploaded

Submitter's message
ResearchGate Subscription may be required for this source
-- Patrick Maroney
Document Name: What?s in a Name? Cultural Observations on Nationally Named Hacking Groups


This document is a link to https://www.researchgate.net/publication/324704125_What's_in_a_Name_Cultural_Observations_on_Nationally_Named_Hacking_Groups
Abstract: Culture?s role in cognition has long been established,
but understanding national culture?s role in
cyber events currently remains an understudied research area.
Michael Minkov observed that culture
influences thought; even when people think they are in control,
cultural biases are actually controlling their
thoughts. Cultural values endure, and because they do, these cultural values leave artifacts can be revealed in
thought patterns. This philosophy serves as a foundation for
further work in progress on name choices by
hackers. In this study, we examined 10
years? worth of Zone-H archives where hacker names that identified
with national identities were analysed
using Hofstede?s cultural framework to determine whether culture may
play a role in hacker name and name choices.
The findings revealed cultural preferences in several of the six
cultural dimensions. In addition, trending the results
showed significant findings in two cultural dimensions: (1)
masculinity versus femininity and (2) uncertainty avoidance. The results
suggest that assumptions about the
anonymous nature of the Internet influencing behaviours may not be universally
applicable, and that culture
should also be considered when evaluating cyber actor behaviours.

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Submitter: Patrick Maroney
Group: OASIS Threat Actor Context (TAC) TC
Folder: Administration
Date submitted: 2019-11-22 11:00:52

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