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Subject: TAC TC Meeting Times Survey


Below is the link to the survey we mentioned during the kick-off meeting regarding gauging your thoughts on the best times and frequency of meetings for the TAC TC.  Note that the survey is written for January dates and times, but, please complete it with the thought that this is representational of the 2nd week and 4th week of each month on the days/times that you select. Assume times given are normalized to US EST (or US EDT in the summer). 

We will discuss the Voting Rights question once we agree on the best time(s) for the most number of people.  


Given that we are going into the holiday season, I've set the end-date for the survey for Dec. 6th.  Please let us know what will work best for you by completing this survey before that date.

Happy holidays!

R. Jane Ginn, MSIA, MRP

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