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Subject: TAC-TC Monthly Meeting reminder

TAC-TC Members,
This has been a productive month. Tomorrow's monthly meeting will be an interesting one to attend. We will cover several topics including:

1) An OWL representation of the STIX 2.1 Specification has be uploaded to the TAC-TC's GitHub repository (stix-spec.owl).
2) A Semantic Extension of the stix-spec.owl has be uploaded to the repository (stix-semex.owl).
3) An OWL representation of the Threat Actor Context Ontology has been uploaded to the repository (tac.owl).

These ontologies are in the develop branch of the repository: https://github.com/oasis-tcs/tac-ontology/tree/develop

The STIX 2.1 Specification in OWL is a reasonably true binding. The intent was to accurately reflect the specification in a formal ontological language.

The STIX semantic extension ontology extends the STIX specification ontology. It provides the ability to map SROs to Object Properties. This ability is key to allowing a Description Logics Reasoner (inferencing engine) to interpret a STIX 2.1 document.

The TAC ontology extends the STIX semantic extension ontology. The TAC ontology will reflect the TAC Specification in a semantically correct and robust binding. This is a prerequisite for enabling an inference engine, and hence, a human and machine understandable representation of facts in this domain.

The Threat Agent Library from Tim Casey and Intel was represented in a Threat Agent Library ontology (ta-library.owl). The library is imported into the TAC ontology which brings a powerful Threat Actor classification mechanism. Vasileios Movroeidis will demonstrate automatic classification of Threat Actor data by using an inference engine and the TAC ontology.

We're looking forward to the meeting tomorrow and hope that you can attend!

Ryan Hohimer
Vasileios Mavroeidis
TAC-TC co-chairs

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