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Subject: Groups - November 2020 - Monthly Call uploaded

Submitter's message

Attached are the meeting minutes from the Monthly call earlier today. Note that a suggestion has been made to increase the frequency of meetings so that we can maintain the momentum with developing the TAC ontology. We will be posting a Poll in the Slack channel to get your thoughts on this suggestion. If you are not currently in our Slack channel (tac-tc.slack.com) please join and respond to the poll. Or, send me an email and I'll invite you into the Slack channel (jg@ctin.us).

Note that for December, we'll be holding our meetings at our regular times (Working call on 1st Thursday, Monthly call on 3rd Tuesday). We'll make a decision on the new cadence to be effective once we move into 2021.

Stay well everyone!

Jane Ginn
-- Ms. Jane Ginn
Document Name: November 2020 - Monthly Call

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Submitter: Ms. Jane Ginn
Group: OASIS Threat Actor Context (TAC) TC
Folder: Meeting Minutes
Date submitted: 2020-11-17 08:27:10

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