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Subject: Updates - TAC Vocabularies


Yesterday at the TC meeting we discussed our intention to start creating standards-based vocabularies, such as threat actor types and motivations, for characterizing threat actors, intrusion sets, etc., for interoperability reasons and more reliable classification. 

The aim is to facilitate broad adoption and why not to be the industry standard vocabularies. Thus, it will be easier to parse, correlate, and analyze info from different sources, that being threat information sharing standards, TIPs that use different taxonomies, intel reports, and more.

We decided to start with populating the threat actor type and motivations vocabularies that are of particular operational value.

For those interested in participating in that effort, we have created a new google doc using the OASIS template. By default, you can only comment. 


If anybody is interested in being an editor, please let me, Ryan, or Jane know.

Comments are welcome.



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