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Subject: RE: [tac] Conference Call Frequency [EXT]


If the intention is to make this count towards voting rights then I think we need to be respectful of the timezones that everyone is residing in.  For example, every TAC Monthly call that happens is approx. 2am to 3am local time for myself based in Australia.  In some cases I have been able to make it and sometimes fallen asleep waiting for it to start.  I get that the meeting time is dictated by the majority (of which I am in the minority based on my geo location), but if we want to start put working calls into the mix and we want to incorporate voting rights, then I think the timing of the meetings also need to be looked at.



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Subject: [tac] Conference Call Frequency [EXT]

TAC TC Members:

During our last monthly call a suggestion was made to increase the frequency of our Working Calls to two times a month, along with our regular Monthly Call (held on the third Tuesday).

Another option was considered to increase our Working Calls to every two weeks, and have them all count towards Voting Rights.  A comment was made that it would be easier for people to schedule if we made it two times a month on specified times/days with each call counting towards Voting Rights.

We made a decision to reach out to the broader community for input on this matter.  I've put together a Doodle Poll to try to gauge the preferences of the full membership.  The link is below.  Please respond by December 12th so we can make a decision at our next full TC call on December 15th.


Best wishes for the holidays!

Jane Ginn, Secretary
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