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Subject: Semantic Extensions to STIX

TAC TC Members,


During conversation with @Vasileios Mavroeidis (UiO) an approach was formed to deal with the STIX Extension Definition. We concluded that a SEMANTIC extension mechanism is different from the STIX extension mechanism.


The TAC Ontology uses a formal ontological language (OWL) to represent concepts such as classes and properties. With a formal ontology we have available the syntax to create a subclass and sub-property. This is an embedded inherent capability in the OWL language. Because of this capability it is straight forward (easy) to create extensions. The Extension Definition provided in the STIX specification is not robust or expressive enough to express a subclass relationship or sub-property relationship. It does allow the writer to add properties to existing objects (or create new objects) but the mechanism does not assert any relationships between the new class/property and the old. NEW SEMANTIC Extensions should be given their own namespaces during development. This implies that the new extensions will be in their own ontology files. These files will be imported into the stix-semex ontology (stix-semex.owl).



Ryan E. Hohimer

Co-chair TAC-TC



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