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Subject: Invitation to the NIEM and OASIS Community Update, 19 April 1PM ET

OASIS community,

We invite you to join us as we discuss NIEM’s transition to an OASIS Open Project (OP). The joint NIEM/OASIS briefing will preview the organization’s charter and fully explore the benefits of active participation in the NIEM OP.


Our briefing will be held on 19 April at 1 PM EDT.  If you are interested in attending please complete the registration form.  We hope you will join us to learn how the NIEM OP will continue to drive its broad and expanding mission.


We are close to our maximum for this call. We will schedule a second call covering the same topic if necessary so please register if you are interested.


Should you have any additional questions, please email dee.schur@oasis-open.org.


I apologize if you receive this message multiple times.






Dee Schur

Senior Manager, Development & Advocacy










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