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Subject: TAC TC Video


We had an excellent presentation from one of Vas' students at the TAC TC Working call on Wednesday. I'm not sure if the TAC mailing list is functional yet after the OASIS migration to the new platform, so I'm also sending this out to a few individual email addresses as well as the standard distribution list.ÂÂ

This approach shows promise. In a nutshell, he is training an LLM to parse unstructured threat reports to extract IOCs and reformat them as structured data in the STIX2.1 format. He walked us through his approach to building the LLM and fine-tuning it in this presentation.Â

I recorded the session (with all attendee's permissions) and I've uploaded it to Vimeo as an unlisted video. Here is the edited version:

IOC Extraction From Unstructured Reports

Share at your discretion.  

R. Jane Ginn, MSIA, MRP
Secretary, TAC-TC
Secretary, OCA CASP
+1(480) 646-7837

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