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Subject: RE: [tag] Test Assertion Modeling - comments, etc

Jacques wrote: 
>It could be that a conformance level A is OK with TA xyz failing, 
>while conformance level B is not OK with that. In that case its up 
>to the Conformance profile to interpret a TA failure either as 
>"warning" or as "fatal failure". 

This relates to how the Dimensions of Variability, of which "level" 
is one, are represented in the TAs. The above approach looks like 
you would have Level A assertions and Level B assertions, with xyz 
only being part of Level B. It is not necessary that all Level A 
assertions also be true for the "higher" level B, because a few may 
relate to reporting that Level B and its features are not supported. 

An alternate approach is to make the Level part of the structure 
of the assertion: 
Condition: Level is B or higher 
Condition: Receiver is SBS 
Condition: Sender is higher than SBS 
.................David Marston 

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