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Subject: RE: Prescription levels

>its a slippery slope to expect the TA to tell "what you can conclude about the product".
Agreed. But I think we need to see some pilot projects using this TA structure to determine the role of the Prescription Level.

>So far the TC has been careful staying away from associating TAs with any conformance conclusions. These are left to test cases / test suites (resulting in "pass" or "fail").
>All we have with a TA, is an indicator of fulfillment / violation of some spec requirement.

So you're already on that slippery slope. I wouldn't argue for the abolition of the Prescription Level, and if it's there, it has the effect of spelling out the consequences of the predicate being true. (Also remember that a TA can be used to draw a conclusion about a measured property of the product, which is a Prescription Level of either MAY or Information Only. In your examples, a TA that asserts the property of being medium-sized for a widget is the type I mean. There is no conformance conclusion about the fact of being medium-sized, but there is a conclusion, which in turn can be used in the prerequisites of other TAs.)

>Back to our concern, I take it from your email that.. you agree with previous thread consensus....


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