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Subject: Comment on bindings to test assertion markup

Noting the keen interest in how bindings to the test assertion markup facilitate testing where the target is itself 
markup, it seems as well to propose that such bindings not be limited to xpath alone for handling XML. Xpath relates to
 the structure and content based on structure. Another aspect is semantics as defined or modelled perhaps in RDF
 or OWL accompanying the specification of the markup along with schema. If RDF is used, it might also be
 appropriate and feasible to bind test assertion predicates, etc to expression in SPARQL, say. Then either the XML under
 test can be converted  to RDF individuals and SPARQL expressions executed against the RDF or some way can be
 made to extend the RDF ontologies to associate classes and properties with the XML, eg via XPath or XQuery, so that
 there can a two step execution to return, say XPaths from the SPARQL, then test the XPaths against the XML, or some
 other technique. This may test semantic requirements as semantic expressions, not structural ones alone. Semantic
 conformance tests seem more appropiately expressed in something like RDF plus SPARQL, rather than XPath and
 structure and syntax requirements expressed in XPath, say.

I appreciate the bindings are not part of the ta markup spec though so this is just to comment on a point of interest.

Best regards

Stephen D Green

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