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Subject: about IIC (previously Re: Test case metadata...)

SK>...the TA or TR spec should include only descriptive info, i.e.,
>it should not be much different from those already included in the IIC 
>spec for TR.

<DM> Serm, you seem to think that a TC should be formed, despite the IIC
spec and what you've read in the literature. Can you provide more

Well, the IIC spec v. 1.0 only considers ebMS spec (and messaging part
of the ebRR). ... I think there are rooms for imporvements to the
requirement spec, e.g., prerequisite/relationship b/w TRs was not

<JD> Speaking of the IIC:  being chartered to support only ebXML
specifications, IIC cannot pretend to produce deliverable for a more
general usage. Maybe the "test framework 1.1"
brev=ebxml-iic or at least "Test Requirements" in Section 6, is good for
a general usage, but we do not know yet before a new team figure it out
! I wouldn't bet on it as it has been designed with mostly a messaging
protocol spec in mind - ebXML Messaging. My guess is that a fresh look
is needed here, with broader requirements in mind. 

Also, with its new IPR policy, the trend in OASIS is to have TC charters
really cut to a precise scope of work (as opposed to wide open) because
members are tied to the TC IPR for whatever the TC produces. A company
may want to sign=up for a TA guide and nothing else that IIC is doing
that could conflict with their products & IP... 


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