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tamie message

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Subject: Re: [tamie] Vars in execution context

I agree with your reasons for this 'global' variable having
a 'expr' attribute. Does this make it semantically the same
as a 'var' used in scriplets and a 'var' used in functions?
I'm not sure. Other syntactic differences are
1. 'type' attribute - that might not be a big deal - maybe
we can include that in the global 'var'?
2. most important difference might be that the global var
does not contain any other elements whereas scriplet
and function variables may do.

Best regards
Stephen D Green

2009/12/15 Jacques R. Durand <JDurand@us.fujitsu.com>:
> Stephen:
> About new Syntax def 0.6.6:
> - any particular reason to consider Var decls inside  execution context? The
> @expr could actually be used in "global" vars, since a global var V1 may do
> an expression on global var V2. Also, we could assign external docs to such
> vars, using an XPath expr.
> -Jacques

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