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tamie message

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Subject: NOTE: Re: [tamie] Groups - eTSM-wd-r03 (eTSM-wd-rev03.odt) uploaded

Just to draw attention to this draft which I've tried to align
more completely with the currently agreed syntax (only
adding the 'view' and 'after' attributes to the 'match' element
in the syntax) leaving out other additional elements and
attributes in draft 0.2. The elements and attributes I've left
out could be added in but this would require an update in
many places to the syntax definitions as noted below.

Best regards

Stephen D Green

On 8 February 2010 14:55,
<stephen.green@documentengineeringservices.com> wrote:
> For changes see
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/36312/eTSM-wd-rev03-changes.odt
> Note: I removed some of the content (such as 'attribute' and 'serialize'
> elements) to align with the present, agreed syntax but these could be added
> back by reference to the changes. Adding these new elements, etc might
> require significant changes such as adding the elements to groups, etc in
> the schema and adding the elements to lists of allowed child elements under
> the scriplet and maybe the function.
>  -- Stephen Green
> The document revision named eTSM-wd-r03 (eTSM-wd-rev03.odt) has been
> submitted by Stephen Green to the OASIS Testing and Monitoring Internet
> Exchanges (TaMIE) TC document repository.  This document is revision #6 of
> eTSM-wd-rev01.odt.
> Document Description:
> Specification aligned with formal schema and syntax definitions
> View Document Details:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/document.php?document_id=36314
> Download Document:
> http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/download.php/36314/eTSM-wd-rev03.odt
> Revision:
> This document is revision #6 of eTSM-wd-rev01.odt.  The document details
> page referenced above will show the complete revision history.
> PLEASE NOTE:  If the above links do not work for you, your email application
> may be breaking the link into two pieces.  You may be able to copy and paste
> the entire link address into the address field of your web browser.
> -OASIS Open Administration

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