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tamie message

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Subject: minutes Oct 19th meeting



Event Description:


Tuesday 3pm PT(California time), 19 Oct 2010 

Host: Fujitsu 

US Toll Free: 877-995-3314

US Toll/International: 210-339-1806

Passcode: 9589308


Host: Fujitsu
US Toll Free: 877-995-3314
US Toll/International: 210-339-1806
Passcode: 9589308

1. Administration and Status:
- approval past minutes Aug 24.
2. Review set of selected examples / use cases 
- "lge feature" examples + testing/monitoring use cases.
- Use case from Cho.
3. Current state of Xtemp engine prototype:
- latest modifications made and bug fixes.
- open-source hosting and license.
4. Current status on specification draft (latest 0.85):
- general review , definition of "core language".
- Event Model (section 4)


- Jacques Durand (Fujitsu America)

- Dale Moberg (Axway)

- Hyunbo Cho (Pohang Univ., Korea)

Action Items:

* AI-Apr20-1: [Hyunbo Cho] prepare some Invoice use cases, (including message
material samples) to provide to TaMIE TC as example/requirement material.
* AI-Apr20-3: [jacques] check with Stephen G. his participation prospects.


'''1. Administration and Status:'''

- minutes Aug 24: approved.
- Action items: Cho did AI-Apr20-1, AI-Apr20-3: Stephen (no longer OASIS member)
is informally contributing from outside on the comment list, e.g. updates on schema
to make it consistent with latest.
- F2F: Dale and Cho so far OK for a F2F in San Jose, Sunnyvale campus, 2 days or
1.5 days around Jan 12-14. Jacques/Cho will notify NIST engineers.
- Jacques should circulate by end of November (a) complete draft of XTemp spec, (b)
updated demo package with draft User Guide. F2F should finalize these.
- Next conf call: tentative Nov 16th.

'''2. Review set of selected examples / use cases:''' 

- Jacques posted an update on the demo package. Now contains 10 scripts:
- 5 "examples" that illustrate some particular xtemp language features (no event log)
- 5 Use Cases that mimic some real monitoring/testing app, make use of event logs.
- Tax validation UC from Cho is included, after a bit of massaging from Jacques.
- Jacques working on a draft "user guide" that will accompaign the demo package.
- this demo package will represent a TC deliverable ("committee note", not a standard)
- Cho will have engineers send comments on the use cases.

'''3. Current state of Xtemp engine prototype:'''

- part of the demo package will be the xtemp-xslt translator (called here 
"xtemp engine prototype")
- latest modifications made and bug fixes are described in the latest post of demo package.
See README included for details.
- Jacques: the xtemp prototype is robust, the 10 script examples helped fix bugs. 
Appears to be ready for prime time.
- open-source hosting and license: CHuck OK with Mozilla public license (MPL) 1.1,
and hosting on Google code OSS site.
- jacques: demo package will be posted on Google code, after approval of user guide
from TC. 
- the user guide must be very precise about what features subset the prototype supports.

'''4. Current status on specification draft:'''

- Jacques: two main spec areas still need be finalized (but close to be):
(a) Event Model (section 4): we shoot for a minimal approach. Event wrapper markup,
plus some event board management rules. Anything else is more "informational", not
(b) Core XTemp subset: we have a current definition in the COnformance section 5.
Shoudl we (b1) adjust it to what the current prototype is covering, as xtemp "baseline"?
Or (b2) set it at a lower "minimal" subset for ease of implementation (other than XSLT)?
Currently, closer to(b2).
- Cho in favor of keeping "core" as is.
- Jacques: would remove "decide" swith statement as not critical ("if" + "exit" sufficient
for core). Prefer to keep core minimal. Meaning the prototype is doing more than core.
- Cho will investigate in Korea for application areas.
- Jacques to post an update of spec (0.85).
- We have currently 3 implementers: 
Marius P. (testbed OSS in Germany) + Chuck Morris (Northrop Grumman) + Dr.Cho (PostTech Korea)
(problem for standard track: 2 are not OASIS members...)

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