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Subject: No Subject

Identify the Business Drivers
   What is the value of developing Tax XML standards to tax administration
   and business in general
      This could include ideas such as streamining processes by reducing
      paper processing, allowing easier entry of small businesses to
      electronic data interchange, increased efficiency of commonality of
      data use and meaning, decreased ambiguity of the meaning and purpose
      of information, etc.
      These could translate into best practices and guidelines that our
      technical solutions should adhere to.
   What specific areas of Tax Administration are priorities to be addressed
      Currents projects
      Interoperabilty problems, issues or opportunities
      New or anticipated Legislation

Perfom the Business Analysis
   Analyze the general nature of the information and processes involved in
   tax adminstration
      Assemble a Vocabulary of terms to understand meanings, subtlties of
      differences, synonyms, generalizations, etc.
      Develop Models of Tax Administration processes and information to
      provide a framework
   Analyze the specific requirements of identified areas of interest
   Analyze how the specific requirements of an area of focus fit with the
   general framework of tax administration
      Identify what is common to business, common to tax administration and
      specific to certain contexts or situations
      Develop deliverables for the Technical Sub Committee

A number of documents may be generated from this work; some working
documents for the internal use of the committee to share ideas and some for
public consumption to announce what our intentions are and what we've
accomplished.   For now we can start ot share some ideas and working
documents within the sub committee.  I will be posting a very high level
UML model and a sample vocabulary on the Tax XML BASC page that we can use
to generate some discussion.

For the near term, it would be great if we could have a number of
suggestions for business drivers and candidate initiatives along with a
collection of initial working documents by the next phone conference on
4/23.  From that we could narrow our focus and determine an agenda for the
face-to-face meeting on 5/22-23.

Alex and Peter, I know you had said in our last phone conference that you'd
be interested in being a member of the Business Analysis Sub Committee.
With the new Kavi system at OASIS, you need to go into the memebers section
and select the groups you want to join.  You should join the TaxXML BASC as
a prospective member.  It will likely be a good idea for each of us in this
sub committee to join the Technical sub committee at least as an observer.


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