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Subject: OASIS TaxXML BASC Action Items


First of all, for those of you who were able to attend the "first"
face-to-face TaxXML meeting in Amsterdam, it was a pleasure to meet all of
you and I believe we made some good progress in getting our committee
actionable.  To those of you who were not able to attend, I look forward to
meeting you in the future and I hope you continue to participate in our
meetings and conference calls.

I wanted to let all of you know that I've posted the notes from the
Business Analysis Sub Committee break out meeting that Alex Fiteni
recorded.  Also, I had some comments on the action items we identified
during that meeting.

   Define a unifying process model.
   The idea of putting together a process model for tax administration and
   compliance was one that was commonly agreed would be of central
   importance to work of our group going forward, not only in our
   sub-committee, but as a critical means of communication with the
   Technical Analysis Sub Committee.  We had agreed to look at a process
   model prepared by IBM (possibly titled "eTax framework - eServices for
   tax") as a possible foundation for our work.  Since this deliverable is
   so fundamental to our process, it should be given a high priority.  The
   task of making this document available was assigned to Terry Lutes, but
   I believe others may have also had some connections to IBM that may
   provide us access to this information if they're needed.
   Once we have access to the document, we can determine whether it will be
   suitable for our purposes and if so, how we will proceed in it's use.
   If it's not appropriate we may want to look for an alternate or build
   our own model.  If anyone knows of any potential alternate models that
   we can get access to, it may be useful to start looking into gaining
   access to them, in case there are any problems with the IBM model.  The
   process model should be one of the key points of discussion at our next
   BASC conference call.
   Set priorities for the process areas based on greatest pain or greatest
   pain - Leslie-Ann Scott, John Glaubitz
   A document that can be used to comment on the focus areas and prioritize
   their importance should be made available to the group before the end of
   next week.  Again this should be one of our key points of discussion on
   the conference call.
   Liaison with OAG Core Components - Alex Fiteni
   Alex will try to meet with Garret Minakawa by the end of next week
   Glossary of Tax Terms - Alex Fiteni, John Glaubitz
   Alex will add terms to the document that John had posted previously.

A separate conference call for the members of the BASC is scheduled for
June, 18 at 9:00 EST.  I will make the arrangements for the
teleconferencing and will distribute the details as we get closer to the
day of the call.

Finally, several of the individuals that attended the break out meeting are
not currently on the roster for BASC.  Some are also not on the roster for
TaxXML TC.  If you intend to continue to participate, it will make the
process much easier if you could enroll in the appropriate committees as a
participant (voting rights) or observer.  If you have any problem with the
enrollment process, please let me know and I'll try to help you through it.

John Glaubitz

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