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Subject: Technical Work


Following our discussion from March 18 conference call I would like to
propose a couple of things that we may consider for discussion within
Technical Analysis sub-committee. Namely, to formally identify the areas of
XML Schema development that need to be addressed. These items are somewhat
covered by the work of UBL Name and Design Rules sub-committee that we may
need to liaison with.
The items I am referring to are:
   Name and Design Rules
   Elements vs. Attributes
   Code Lists and Enumerations
   Date and Time types
   Amounts and Currencies
   Complex Type Specialization
   Modularity, Namespaces and Versioning
   Element Reuse
   XML Patterns and OO Design techniques
   UML modeling of business processes
   XML tools and documentation

Other topics that we may need to recognize and consider:
   Message protocols: SOAP, ebXML Messaging, etc.
   Security: encryption, authentication, etc.
   Packaging: attachments, batches, etc.

Please let me know if I am jumping the gun here and there is more work to
be done at the TC level before we can delve into these specific discussion.

Thank you and best regards,

Michael Roytman
Vertex Inc.

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