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Subject: Kicking off the business process modelling exercise...

A little later than I'd hoped, I've posted a zip archive of the business
process models for the UK IR's PAYE* filing service to the TASC documents
area. The zip contains several PDF files in two hierarchies: one for the
employer-only process and one for the employer/agent process.

[*PAYE = Pay As You Earn, is the system of personal tax withholding
undertaken by employers on behalf of their employees in the UK and
involves occasional as well as annual submission of various returns
related to the deduction of Tax and National Insurance contributions
from each employee's pay]

The filename prefixes denote the hierarchy:

	1 - Employer overview
	1.1 - Gateway Registration
	1.2 - Gateway Service Enrollment
	1.3 - Gateway Service Activation
	1.4 - Return Filing

	2 - Employer/Agent overview
	2.1 - IR Agent Registration
	2.2 - Gateway Registration
	2.3 - Gateway Enrollment
	2.4 - Agent Authorisation

PDF seemed the easiest format to distribute: please let me know if you
have any difficulty with them.

The diagrams follow the UML Business Process Model notation suggested by
John Glaubitz and documented in the paper that John circulated by Geoffrey
Sparks. The paper is not rigorous in its description, and I have had to
make a few assumptions and additions to the notation. The horrible colour
scheme is mine alone, for which I apologise :-)

Although I thought I knew the processes fairly well, the exercise proved
to be valuable in fleshing out details and highlighting areas of
commonality that I was not previously aware of.

These models lean heavily towards the peripheral activities around service
registration and enrollment, rather than the actual filing activity, and
although they are derived from our PAYE service, many of the processes are
common to all our services due to the constant presence of the UK Govt
Gateway at the heart of all interactions with taxpayers and their agents.
Indeed, there are many parallels between Employer and Agent processes
in these models that differ only in the detail.

The Gateway model of Registration, Service Enrollment and Service
Activation is clearly seen - whether this maps in any way to the
processes of other tax administrations that don't hide behind a common
gateway remains to be seen!

I have not made any attempt so far to formally compare these models
with the Registration example that John posted, but there are some
obvious similarities.

I hope some of you have been doing likewise and will be able to post
some models for consideration at the TASC conf call next week. In the
meantime I will be working on some more models specific to direct tax


Andy Greener                         Mob: +44 7836 331933
GID Ltd, Reading, UK                 Tel: +44 118 956 1248
andy@gid.co.uk                       Fax: +44 118 958 9005

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