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tax-tasc message

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Subject: Agenda for conf call, 17th Dec


Draft agenda for the call this afternoon/evening:

1. Minutes of last meeting

2. Actions arising

3. TASC aspects of external spec review process
  (Draft of process, plus outstanding issues below. Please take a few
   minutes to read this prior to the call if possible)

4. Expectations/targets for January face-to-face meeting

5. AOB

Draft External Review Process:

Goals and Objectives
The purpose of an external review is to evaluate tax relevant ontologies and technical specifications to determine if all or part of such documents support the Tax XML Global Ontologies and their implemented XML Schemas.

The objective of a review is to provide constructive feedback ( Feedback Document is attached) to the requesting organization to assist them in improving their tax references and align them with Tax XML's Ontologies and XML Schemas. 
Document Review
A document review performed by one or more members of the Tax XML TC, who may be drawn from one or more sub-committees.

A deliverable document containing comments by members of the Tax XML TC regarding a Document under review.

Informal Reviews
If requests are made by external organizations or TC within OASIS to recommend support for a 'soon to be published' Standards document or XM L Specification containing tax relevant information, and no formal published document has been published by TAX XML on which to bases such reviews, then an informal review may be agreed upon.  Any such review will not be published and has no  formal standing.

Formal Reviews
Formal reviews should be undertaken ONLY where there is a formal Liaison with the External Organization as per OASIS TC Liaison policies and procedures - see http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/guidelines.php#tcliaisons which in turn references  http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/liaison_policy.php

Formal reviews are only undertaken when  a published Tax XML Specification or Schema is available for comparison.

Any formal review that is initiated must be minted in a formal meeting of the Tax XML TC.

Review Procedure
- The Chairs of the TC and Business and Technical sub-committees agree upon the scope of feedback is determined by the TC members and agreed upon with the external organization
- Feedback document is prepared by one or more members and comments are referenced to the specific terms and elements in the document under review
- Feedback by members is consolidated by one member and any conflicts are agreed upon by the review group
- The feedback document is approved by the relevant sub-committee by majority vote and minted
- If a formal review is undertaken, then the TC must vote and approve the feedback document
- The document is forwarded to the external organization for follow up and response

Benchmarks and Criteria for Evaluations:

The Content of the Document under Review must relate partially or fully to the scope of Tax XML TC as defined in the TC Charter

Business Documents (Ontologies) [John Glaubitz to complete]
- Concise and clear definitions of tax related terms, along with any identified local synonyms.
- Use the tax term is consistent throughout the Specification
-  Any tax related terms used in external specifications or standards must be consistent with the future formal Tax Global Ontology as defined by:
           a) a published dictionary of tax relevant terms and/or
           b) a published process model of tax functions

Technical Specifications (Taxonomies)  [Andy Greener to complete]
 -  Terms are directly related to the Global or Local Ontolgical definitions.
 -  Any XML Schema representation should represent a reasonable reference set of elements that adequately describe
 - Any Schema representation should follow a consistent usage internally and based on published XML naming and structure elements (e.g.: XML 1.0, W3C XML Schema 1.0, XML namespaces 1.0 etc).
       a) any references to a tax related process or function
       b) a tax related message
       c) a tax element used in a tax object or referencing a tax object
       d) any formal references to a published Tax XML schema or namespace

  - Tax references are be used for their intended purpose (i.e. not for purposes other than their intended use or meaning)

Frequently Asked Questions
 May I perform a review?
- Any member or observer of the Tax XML with standing in a sub-committee may ask to and participate in a document review.
- Only a member in good standing may contribute to a formal review

What is to be reviewed?
- Any published standard or specification that an external organization may ask to be reviewed and endorsed by the OASIS Tax XML

When is a review published?
- Only formal reviews are published once the feedback responses have been received from the external organization

How is a review conducted?
-  A review must result in a formal feedback document that is delivered to the external organization for a response

Where is the review published?
- A formal review is published in the TAX XML web page.

Outstanding Issues and Actions
- Evaluation criteria for Technical reviews - Andy Greener
- Evaluation Criteria for Business model/dictionary reviews - John  Glaubitz
- Formalize liaison rules and regs - Alex and/.or Harm
       > we need a staff member to ask several questions but I have  not had time yet to review the published regs noted above
- Should we allow observers to participate in both formal and informal reviews - Harm
- If an external organization does not respond, should we publish formal feedback resulting from a review - Harm, Andy, John
- Should we endorse a document Standard or Specification without a formal review - Harm
- Should we endorse a document Standard or Specification based on an informal review - Harm
- Can we formally or informally endorse a document Standard or Specification under the OASIS rules and regs - Harm


Andy Greener                         Mob: +44 7836 331933
GID Ltd, Reading, UK                 Tel: +44 118 956 1248
andy@gid.co.uk                       Fax: +44 118 958 9005


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