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tax-xbrl-liaison message

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Subject: Tax XBRL Liaison SC meeting in London

Our SC's subgroups continue to work on their materials to share with the group.

The "Audit Trail" first draft is out for limited preview;
The "Software Developers Guidance" is in formative stages;
How is the "Framework" going?

I hope our groups will be able to distribute drafts of their materials by 17-February so we can have some review time in advance of our session.

What other agenda items would you like to see for the SC portion of the meeting?

- What should we be doing to communicate to XBRL the direction and guidance of Tax XML?
- What are the opportunities to participate and provide resources to XBRL efforts?
- What resources should we be seeking from XBRL to help our members?
- What connections should we be facilitating between XBRL and other standards organizations?

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