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Subject: [tax] Conference Call information

Hello All,

I have received this information yesterday but since I am in Denver, CO,
attending the ASC X12 meeting I will only be able to publish it on our web
site on Friday. Any way, below is the information about the upcoming
conference call.

Thank you to Greg Carson for pulling this conference call together.


Michael Roytman


Greetings from Washington D.C.,  I hope all have had a joyous holiday
season. It's hard to believe that two moths could go by so quickly, but it
is time for our next conference call. I have arranged for a teleconference
bridge through my office and the details are as follows. February 12th,
2003 at 12:00 Eastern Standard Time (noontime Washington DC) and we have
two hours. The dial-in number is 1-202-927-2255 and the PIN number is
706948. The telephone line will not actually work until 12:00:01 on the
second, so we'll start the call officially no earlier than 12:03:00 -
giving everyone time to dial their telephones. If you have trouble dialing
in you may call my staff assistant at 1-202-283-4881.

Tentative Agenda:

1. Call for nominations for chair
2. Election of a chair (and immediate abdication of the interim chair)
3. Presentation by each of the participating organizations regarding
direction (follow-on from the e-mail thread)
4. Discussion of the presentations and selection of tentative directions
5. Discussion of resulting sub committees
6. Tasking for follow-on activity

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